Back at Tremblant Bluesfest
I''m happy to announce that I will be back at one of my favourite festivals again this year. Tremblant International Bluesfest is a world class event and was one of the first festivals I played. I'll be there with my old friend Rob MacDonald. You can check the fest and the schedule here. TREMBLANT INTERNATIONAL BLUESFEST

New Outtakes
A few new/old songs and rarities have been uploaded to the outtakes section. Check them out here.

Porchfest Video

I didn't know what to expect from Porchfest, but this new community festival in the legendary west end neighbourbood of NDG was amazing.  My show on West Hill Avenue ended up with more than 300 folks, on lawns, in the street, across the street. It was something to see. Someone sent me this video a couple days ago and it gives a small sense of the stage, er porch, and the sound I managed to get using my buddy, singer-songwriter Dale Boyle's Fishman Loudbox Artist... what an amp. 
Thanks to Sharon Sweeney and her husband Andrew Frank, for inviting me to play. Trivia - Andrew is the gifted engineer who recorded and mixed my first two albums. 

I Know a Girl -- from the porch

New Live Studio Video from Sussex
My old friend, the vibraphonist Michael Emenau, and I are in a new project called Sussex. We recorded our debut album at Studio Frisson in Montreal in November, for release in fall 2015. To check out some of the roughs, visit the Sussex homepage here. One of the funky parts of the project is the mix of instruments--acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, violin, upright bass and vibraphone. Ever wonder how vibraphone and guitar sound... wonder no more. A week or two ago we cut some live tracks in a little basement studio here in Montreal. Here's a video of us performing my song Spence. 

'SPENCE' live in studio by Michael Emenau and Rob Lutes

Homestretch for Debut Sussex Album 

The debut album of the new record from Sussex is going into the final mixing stages. Recorded at Studio Frisson in Montreal in November, the record will be ready for release in fall 2015. To check out some of the roughs, visit the Sussex homepage here

Things We Didn't Choose Live at Moulin Michel

The band was just up in Becacour, Quebec, about two hours east of Montreal, to play a show at the Moulin Michel de Gentilly, a stone mill from the 1700s that has been preserved as a stunning venue and historic site, complete with a pancake bar that offers pancakes using buckwheat only, a boon to the gluten intolerant, and to older folks from NB who had something for the buckwheat. My great-grandfather JN Lutes used to always order these, no matter where were went when I was a kind in NB, and it seemed that every restaurant had them.. This video is lofi but I like the groove it captures, raw and real. 

Things We Didn't Choose - live at Moulin Michel, April 12, 2015

Montreal Blues Society Photo Gallery

Andie Maranda, formerly of is in Montreal and working with the Montreal Blues Society! She came by Rob MacDonald and my show last night and took a bunch of photos. You can see them, and check out the new Montreal Blues Society website here:
Blues Montreal photo gallery Rob Lutes & Rob MacDonald

Animation Soundtrack

I was recently asked by my friend, filmmaker G. Scott MacLeod, to record a version of Un Canadien Errant for the final credits of his upcoming animated film The French-Canadian. The song was written
in 1842 by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie after the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837–38. I called my old friend Josephine von Soukonnov, who sang such amazing vocals on my last two records, LIVE and The Bravest Birds. We got together at her place and cut this in a few hours in her home studio (which she runs with Dmitri von Soukonnov, her partner in life and in the great group KINZAZA).
I played the acoustic guitar and sang the lead and some harmonies. Josephine and Dmitri did the rest. I really like the result. It will feature in Scott's upcoming film and in a compilation of his four beautiful animated films on Canadian history, The Water of LIfe. Check out The Water of LIfe project here:
And you can check out our version of Un Canadien Errant right here: Un Canadien Errant

From the Vaults

Just found this little recording (linked to below) from 2006. The Rob Lutes Band at the time was Rob MacDonald on guitar, Tony Cuco on bass and RD Harris on drums. We played for a number of years and all these guys were integral parts of the first three records! This recording reminds me of the joy of playing in that band. This was recorded in Oren Weber's basement studio... Oren was a friend and neighbor and that's also where most of the Middle Ground record was mixed (and some of the overdubs played).
Anyway, we recorded this and a few other blues classics because we wanted to get a gig at the Montreal Jazz Fest on the big blues stage. It worked and we did at stage that year as a five piece with Bob Stagg in the mix as well. This song became a staple in the live show. No monitors so the singing is a little pitchy, but I kind of dig that now. Rob MacDonald mixed this... came out real nice like his stuff always does.
Come on in My Kitchen - Live off the floor

As My Heart Will Allow Gets Runner-up in Cobalt Songwriting Prize

Rob is really honoured to have had his song As My Heart Will Allow given a runner-up award in the Cobalt Prize for Contemporary Blues Composition (announced at the Maple Blues Awards in Toronto on Monday, January 19. Big thanks to Paul Reddick and the Toronto Blues Society for creating this award that looks at songs that push at the borders of the blues and congrats to the winners, Raven and ShoShana of Digging Roots and the other runner up Samantha Martin!

You can check out the song here:
Or purchase here

Outtakes are back!
The Outtakes page is back up on the site, with some little live gems and unpublished songs from over the years. We will be adding to this from time to time. Check it out here.

The Bravest Birds - Rob Lutes


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Teaching others about things is the best way to retain them yourself, or so they say. And in general I have to agree. But it can also be the way you unlearn something you’ve known—or thought you’d known—for many years.

This occurs to me because I have a gig in 10 days giving a group of young musicians a four-hour primer on the music business. After more than 20 years doing this music thing full- or part-time, I figure I know a fair bit by now. And I do, but the ground is shifting so fast.  I have given many… Read more

New Music and News!  

Hi Everybody! I am writing to share some new music and news with you all.
First, I have a few local shows listed below, including this Friday at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre with two great Quebec songwriters, Ian Kelly and Randall Spear. Should be fun. More dates to come later in spring and summer.

Animation Soundtrack
I recently did a recording of Antoine Gérin-Lajoie's legendary song Un Canadien Errant with my friends Dmitri and Josephine von Soukonnov. I wanted to share it with you all... it's my first… Read more


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